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Caller Name Talker


*Download the amazing call name announcer application for free!*The perfect name Talker app for your smartphone, that reads out the caller's name so that you can easily choose whether or not to answer the call.
*Caller Name talker announces the name of the person who is calling your number.
*You dont have to look at your phone to know the caller's name. Call name talker speaks out the name of the caller or just says "unknown" for the numbers out of your phonebook.
*Speaks out the caller name clearly in between the ringtone reducing its volume.
*The cool new feature of caller name talker is that it allows you yo completely mute the announcements when your phone is in silent mode.
*You can as well as turn off the caller name announce feature when the phone is in vibrate mode.
*Do not miss important calls when you are busy pick the phone when you hear the caller's name.
*Simply ignore unwanted calls while driving as the app announces the identity/name of the caller.
*Caller name talker alerts you when the phone's battery is low.
Choose how many times should the caller name be announced.
Set up initial call talk starting time for the announcer.
Allow the caller app to announce Known/Unknown Contacts.
You can turn off the anouncement for unknown calls.
You can Enable/Disable Low battery alerts with ease.
Easy to use and efficient design makes caller name talker the best of all.
Caller Name talker speaks out name of the caller on Incoming call or SMS , in situations like you are driving and the Phone is in your pocket, or another room, so that you can identify who is calling you without looking your phone screen.
--Minimizes ringtone volume and then speaks name of the caller--Turn off caller name alert feature if Phone is in silent mode.--Speaks out full content of SMS along with sender name or numbers.--Will re-announce the caller information, while not pick up incoming call--Lots of customization option for different category for calling, messaging & more!
Caller Name is called out when someone is calling you, rather than regular boring ringtones. Caller Name Announcement from the app helps you understand who is calling you without looking at the phone.Caller Name Ringtone speaks the caller name through speaker when someone calls you instead of playing your phone ringtone. When a call comes in automatically caller name is announced so you can understand who is calling without picking up the phone. Call Name Speaker built into app announces Caller Name or number if its not a contact.
No configuration needed and functionality is ready to go. Best Call Name Announcer and Voice based call log data and extremely helpful for people who have issues with small fonts or have a visual impairment.